Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Meet the Leader" Report: Teddy McDaniel

Last week we hosted our first "Meet the Leader" session of 2013, featuring Teddy McDaniel, President and CEO for the Austin Area Urban League (AAUL). The "Meet the Leader" series of introduces Leadership Austin alums to current, relevant, or new leaders in the Austin area in a small, intimate setting (attendance is limited to 40 people). This event was possible thanks to the generous support of Stacy Armijo (EMERGE 2007, ESSENTIAL 2010) and Pierpont Communications, a Texas-based marketing and public relations firm.

Event co-chairs Susan Armstrong (ESSENTIAL 2010) and Artemio San Martin (ESSENTIAL 2011) welcomed our attendees. Teddy McDaniel then shared his personal story, highlighting his journey from Finance executive in corporate America to non-profit leader. For him, it was all about making a difference in people’s lives, and he has been able to accomplish that through his work at the AAUL, first as a volunteer and now as executive staff. Teddy made remarks around bridging the gap between access and success, and how young African-Americans have thrived through the multiple programs and initiatives offered by the AAUL - empowering the community and changing their lives.

Save the date for our next "Meet the Leader" session Wednesday April 10. Louis Grachos, newly appointed Executive Director at AMOA-Arthouse, will serve as keynote speaker. The event will be hosted at the offices of Pierpont Communications (10900-B Stonelake Blvd Ste 110) from 5:30 - 7:00 pm.

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