Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweatin' the Small Stuff: New EMERGE Participant Heather Black on the Call to Serve

Our EMERGE 2012 program launched last Thursday, and earlier this week new class participant and blogger Heather Black shared her thoughts on that first program evening. Here's a sample of the full post from her site:  
...I think we think that discovering our life’s purpose is just supposed to happen one idle Sunday while drinking a cup of coffee and looking out over Lake Austin (or a parking lot if you live in an apartment complex like me) – a thought comes to us, we pursue our passion, we can die happy, all is well. But what Heather proposed was something entirely different and it made me have a small aha moment myself. What if you don’t have one passion? What if you don’t pick one thing?
Read the original post from Heather on her blog un-Charted.

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